Do you see a pattern into things? So do we…

Ratios, shapes,patterns,textures are all the elements that we descipher, decompose, merge to create another reality, another way to see everyday things.

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We shoot our content in the outdoors and outskirts of our city, Prague.

We carefully plan out what to look for, after having ideated a topic, however sometimes, it is just coincidental and circumstantial.

Sometimes the main idea is triggered by a word, dream, an assignment or a particular moment we are living. If you click on the word of choice, you will find the link to a definition, views or assignments and find the connection between the image and the word.

We only try to apply a structure to what we sense it can be interesting and worth discovering.

We aim to portray something thought-provoking or can lull you into a daydream with very realistic elements.