Blast from the past: Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock

We watched the movie Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock a few weeks ago. It takes place in San Francisco in 1957 (the worldwide premiere was in May 1958). Vertigo is noted for its groundbreaking camera techniques to simulate the sensation of vertigo. source: I really liked the images and since I like street photography, some of them…


Analogue photography notions

Anticipation vs. Chance Unlike digital photography, that can be staged and re-done thanks to its immediacy by exploiting the possibilities of the medium itself, film photography or experimental photography appear to be more limited in the fabrication of the image.  The images above are taken on film and on paper, two different supports that share the…

Shutter speed assignment

Shutter speed assignment

Set up a number of difficult situations to explore movement. Pick a moving subject: water, person, animal, machine that you can repeatedly photograph with the camera on a tripod or with your phone’s settings to Manual, using a number of different shutter speeds, such as: 1/8 s 1/60 s 1/250 s Examples of photos taken by Luminalus 

street photo

Street photography: Anticipation

Apart from more obvious aspects that play significant role in photography such as light or composition, there is anticipation that is tied strongly with street photography. In this article I will try to describe it. Photo editor Olivier Laurent described it well in an interview with Lensculture, where he said what’s special for him in street photography: