Happy World Pinhole Day!

Today’s a special day for all pinhole photographers out there! We will share with you our takeaways from this day and the best online resources to enjoy it. We hope that you had enjoyed our very first article here and have also checked out our alternative photography images and recent Instagram posts. If not, we…


3 ways to interpret landscape photography

Surrealism, heritage and industrialisation are the main motives of the three landscape artists we chose to analyse today. Featured image: Hiroshi Sugimoto – Caribbean Sea, Jamaica, 1980 We draw inspiration and work on assignments also from our small but expanding book collection on photography. One good source is for example Langford’s Basic Photography book full…



We couldn’t miss the chance of welcoming the New Year with a touch of retro nostalgia and a pinch of contemporary call to action Another year has begun and Saturn9 kickstarted it by joining the monthly meeting “Good light, Prague”. The main topic of the meeting was to share our own rendition of the PF2020…

Shutter speed assignment

Shutter speed assignment

Set up a number of difficult situations to explore movement. Pick a moving subject: water, person, animal, machine that you can repeatedly photograph with the camera on a tripod or with your phone’s settings to Manual, using a number of different shutter speeds, such as: 1/8 s 1/60 s 1/250 s Examples of photos taken by Luminalus 

Man ray photogram

How photograms work

Photograms are made through a simple cameraless process that dates back to the earliest photographic experiments. Pioneering 19-century photographer W.H. Fox Talbots developed this technique for his “shadowgrams”, but it was Man Ray who popularized it, …