We know you are eager to skip this intro and get to the interviews…

…however we recommend to spend 3 minutes and read this Intro so to familiarise yourselves with Why we created this content.

At Saturn9 we aim towards building an open community of photography passionates. We want to bring together interesting readings, bright minds and inspiring visions.

The time we are living now, more than ever has given us a chance to revise our way to interact with fellow photographers. 

Some questions for us to explain the grounds of our reasoning…

Bound by social distancing, in the face of the temporary lack of contact, how can a community be formed?

We reflected on this question time and again and we came up with this idea of putting together a series of interviews with the artists from social networks. The intention is for the artists to gather, if only virtually, and get to know one another.

If the community is open, how do we make a selection for the interviews?

The virtual abyss is saturated by instant creations and gratification, showcasing photography as a business more than an art.
Photo by Paweł Czerwiński

We decided to dive deeper and present to you some of the treasures we found.Selected photographers may or may not belong to any particular technique or style, may or may not have academic background. Everyone is welcome!


our only criteria of admission is to recognise the honesty and authenticity of the artist’s vision as reflected in the artworks. 

With this in mind, we are thrilled to present to you our issues of S9 Talks: an interview with our favourite photographers! Check it out below!

S9 Talks 01