I ordered a small Unetice beer to accompany my lunch. The sun was shining through the windows creating nice shades on the massive wooden tables. The draught beer in a glass also created interesting adamantine effects. Having an upcoming photo exhibition in mind (which I will tell you more about in a second), I took a few photos.

The exhibition will take place in Obejvak in September. As the last year, this photo exhibition is a collective effort of a photography group called Good light Prague led by Andrew Goodall.

Good light, one glass of beer, this was something to work on. I took several photos from different angles and looking at them later I started developing a concept. In one photo I could see a face, another one contained a detail of the glass holder, which reminded me of a human ear. I could find interesting details in other pictures too, so after some experiments and input from Juli I decided to interpret human senses.

To drink a glass or two at certain time might even spark creativity, but excessive alcohol consumption can impair the sensory systems significantly.

Given the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world, these images could serve as a funny reminder to be mindful about effects of alcohol on our senses and health in general, while we enjoy ourselves with a beer in social gatherings, dining or other occasions.

I hope you found these examples interesting!

Cheers and na zdravĂ­!