We are very happy to share this article about the Top 13 photographs chosen for WPPD – amongst which, one of our image has been featured

When we started out our website/blog journey, with @Miresk and @Saturn9Photography, we said to ourselves that we would keep our minds open to several expressions we like to use: Street photography, Alternative photography and Analogue photography.

It is not always easy to combine individual contributions to something that looks cohesive and at the same always different. So we decided to structure our website in three main categories and each one of us would pursue on investigating, writing, sharing and applying to the limitless open calls out there.

Given this brief context, a few days ago something quite extraordinary happened: Juli (@Juli_analogue) was contacted by the Mr. Michael Behlen, founder of one of our most frequent inspiration in the wide world of analog photography, Analog Forever Magazine. The considerate proposal came to our IG account, and festively announced that one of our images would be featured in their online magazine.

The topic of the featured article was no less than World Pinhole Photography Day 2020, available here where we had the pleasure to rank amongst the 13 of their favourite photos.

“Riverside” – the view from one of our favorite places in Prague, Vyšehrad.

For the pinhole’s fans, these are the specs of this image:

  • Image Title: “Riverside” part of the “Vyšehrad decoded” Project (photobook, work in progress, to be published 2021)
  • Camera Used: Ranica 10×10 (https://www.instagram.com/ranica_prosta/)
  • Exposure time: 1:50 minutes
  • Iso: 6
  • F/number: 315
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Film Used: Black and white photographic paper ADOX RC Matte
  • Home developed – Black and white chemicals 

We are ever so grateful for this opportunity to connect with the creators of the magazine so kin to one of our preferred art forms, analogue photography.

We are glad that through this group exhibit we are able to discover new cameras, artists, latitudes that resonate within our initial promise, that is, to keep our mind open, to never cease to find new means of expression.

About the pinhole images featured in the article, we particularly liked this reflection:

They grant us perspective, unreal sights, and new insight that allow us to meditate on the world around us.

(Analog Forever magazine)

We highly recommend to purchase the digital or printed issues of Analog Forever magazine that can be found here – we already bought the n.1 and we are absolutely delighted by its content, exceeding all our dreamiest expectations.

Happy reading and enjoy!