We are thrilled to share with you the second edition of the EXP.21 by Experimental photofestival which will take place in Barcelona on a 3-day event during January 2021.

While browsing through Instagram posts, our eyes got set on this incredible venue for experimental photography lovers and we couldn’t help but ravishingly look up the association, the team, the activities and the proposals for the upcoming festival and the last one (link here https://en.experimentalphotofestival.com/ediciones-anteriores).

We know what you are thinking and you are exactly right:

Do we want to join? Sure thing! We are counting down the minutes to June 1st to apply.

How? It is possible to apply either to exhibit your work, or to curate other artworks, to give workshops and lectures on the subjects that are closer to your heart. Quoting the website itself :

The selected artists will be officially invited to participate in the festival and they do not have to register or pay because they will be offered a financial compensation of 50 euros, plus the three-day meal and the official merchandising: bag, t-shirt, and catalog. Those not selected will participate in the festival by registering and presenting their dossier to be studied by the curators to take part in one of the exhibitions. The results will be communicated individually by email from July 15th.


Please carefully read through the Registration page in order to find out the prices that fairly apply for each category.

We are considering to applying as a duo with Saturn9 photography – and /or as collective (Good light, Prague! lead by Andrew Goodall https://andrewgoodall.myportfolio.com/projects with whom we already had the pleasure to exhibit in the recent “Looking to see” group exhibition, linked into our blog post).

Why though, you may ask? The world if saturated of exhibitions spaces, crowded with established photographers, packed with art for sale. What’s different in this Photofestival?

The whole concept of this festival is based on diversity of mediums, experiences, backgrounds. The aim is to create a community, strengthen and link people into several disciplines. We find the following sentence full of passion and ideals:

The future is experimental and nonconformist and is in dialogue with other arts, in the mixture of languages and projects. Experimenting is experience rather than results.

Experimental photofestival

We are keen on this thought process, so this is enough reason for us to support, enjoy and root for the effort by the team coming into realisation.

Furthermore, a sense of belonging. Spain…the Spanish language in which we can fluently communicate, tour projects (now sadly on hold due to Covid19), amongst which getting back to Argentina, our home away from Prague.

Especially at the lab at La Cooperativa de la imagen, which contributed a great deal to our own learning of analogue and experimental techniques. Oh those were the days, back in 2015 and before that, at Estenobaires photowalks.

When we found this event, we thought that everything is connected, even when alternative photography stays out of the main commercial circuits. Even when there is an ocean dividing us.

Before we get too nostalgic, before we even know if we will be so lucky to be chosen, before another pandemic breakthrough sweeps away our hopes and dreams around this event, we invite you to have a look, check Instagram, get a sense of the topics in workshops but most of all, save the date!