What we shared at a time that seemed to be the calm before the storm.

Sometimes the word of mouth is still the most powerful tool that connects amateur artists around the world.

Thanks to the friendship and inspiration that we feel towards @Cicosuitetti (Instagram), expressionist and illustrator, we got in touch with Rivista Blam http://www.rivistablam.it

Rivista Blam is based and written in Italian and is the effort of a collective of creatives of words, supporters of new voices in the emerging, alternative, thought-provoking and most importantly independent literature.

Thanks to the outreach of this beautiful group of dedicated people, we had the chance to collaborate with our photographies to an online short story by Alberto Lucchini, called “Verso la libertà” (“Towards freedom”), freely available here for the curious minds:

The motive is a spiralling journey into the depth of the mind, and the depth of an imaginary sea.

The freedom of the body, the heaviness of life’s burdens, the obstacles on our path dissolve like a tidal wave shattered against the rocks, dragging us down into an unknown wish that feels both deadly and relieving.

The reconciliation with the self, in spite of what seems like an external turmoil comes with a high price.

Our humble representation of the words morphed into the following images of the seaside of Scotland, UK and Pinamar, Argentina.

Our first vision was the sea, the raging flutters, the sense of endlessness, mysterious yet beckoning. A metaphor of what’s beyond, below our earthly realm.

We kept the sea at the centre of the scene, for its implicit romanticism, a figure of speech well known in literature.

Seaside series 1

The tireless run, the unquenchable wish to escape (ourselves? the others?), before taking a leap (in the sea? or out of this world?).

Seaside series 2

We won’t spoil the pleasure of this read so we encourage you to follow – and try and translate – each published story.