We couldn’t miss the chance of welcoming the New Year with a touch of retro nostalgia and a pinch of contemporary call to action

Another year has begun and Saturn9 kickstarted it by joining the monthly meeting “Good light, Prague”.

The main topic of the meeting was to share our own rendition of the PF2020 cards, based on their historical use.

These are some of the cards widely used in Czechoslovakia extending congratulations and good wishes for the upcoming year:

Back to our days!

As we were busy with the moving into our lovely apartment, we had dedicated very little time to this topic. However, we popped into an unknown park by Nusle and found some Advent cards on a window.

We took photos of them and as the light was in front of us, they looked all framed already. Perfect!

What we needed was just steps away from our place so we felt it ‘belonged’ to us somehow. We couldn’t be happier!

We edited the final images, adding several effects to give them a ‘vintage’ look and caught the chance to display a more provocative content: as the Advent calendar suggested a countdown, we blended in images of seals and polar bears, endangered by the disastrous effect of the climate change.

An invitation to being more aware of the consequences of our impact on the environment.

What do you think of the tradition of PF cards?

Can you share an example of your own cards? Could be old cards dusted off a cupboard or maybe your own handmade ones!