A radical photographer in the times of the DDR regime

We went to take a look at her photo exhibition at the French institute in Prague.

Below is the basic info and a few photos we took at the gallery.

Sibylle Bergemann was one of the well-known German photographers of the past decades. You can see for example the photos from Paris, from a series Mode and other.

If you are around check it out. You might end up also in a cinema 35 (as we did), that is in the same institute.

PhotographerSibylle Bergemann
Date12. 9. – 24. 10.
VernissageThursday 12.10 at 18:00

Her photographs focus on quiet, atmospheric moments, not on strong symbols or grand gestures – in the DDR, which is where she grew up and worked for many years, that was by no means common. The state, she says looking back, hardly influenced her work:

“I always worked without paying attention to state restraints and did not care about the censors at all.”

For reference:

Featured image source: https://filippoventuri.net/2010/11/05/e-morta-sibylle-bergemann/